SX100 Tool for TC6


Compatible for SX100.1 (with Windows10).

The SX100 Tool for TC 6 is meant for service engineers that are responsible for the set-up,
maintenance and troubleshooting of the SX100 in combination with Top Control version or higher.
The useful tool bundles a lot of tasks that can be done without the tool, but would require much ‘clicking around’ in the Windows system, that is:

  1. Checking the status of the SX100 and the communication connections.
  2. Switching relevant Windows Services on and off and stopping and starting relevant Top Control applications to enable project and program updates.
  3. Rebooting the SX100.
  4. Control Remote Desktop sessions.
  5. Showing notes left by other service engineers and adding notes.
  6. Showing logs on the status of the SX100 and the actions executed with the tool.

release notes

RDN 31-12-2021:
1. Solved problem with request of WAN IP Address.
2. Remove TCEnergy option from user interface.
3. Seconds calculation (x1000) was not correct in Status LogBook.
4. Add extra status logbook information if External IP doesn’t work.

RDN 18-10-2019:
1. Problems with auto logon for the sx100.1 has been solved in this version.

RDN 16-10-2019:
No official release.

RDN 20-08-2019:
1. Top Control application boot sequence in the start-up folder adjusted.

RDN 14-08-2019:
1. In this version is the CPU and Memory performance counter removed. Some SX100 or SX100.1 has a problem. Some SX100 and SX100.1 had problems presenting this performance counter.To avoid all risks, it has been deleted.

RDN 08-04-2019:
1. In the tab “Overview” TCWebVsion check didn’t work on a SX100.1. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 19-02-2019:
1. Only for SX100.1 – Shortcut for messenger service and TCWebvision is switched off..