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Weather Forecast is an application that get all current weather information and weather forecast based on your location (Latitude – Longitude).

When all weather information is collected from internet you are able to push all this weather information to a Compri HX6E, HX8E or a Priva Blue ID controller S-Line and C-Line via a XML driver and XML data points.
This Weather Forecast application is free of license for one data value (outside temperature) and duration of 12 hours (Trail version).

When you want all values pushed to your controller you need to register your Weather Forecast application.

Lifetime license price: €50,- (all inclusive).

Pay with PayPal or Creditcard via PayPal.

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Release Notes

RDN 31-12-2021:
1. Update of framework version.
2. User interface change of registration process.

RDN 24-03-2021:
1. Add current weather code data to the controller.
2. Add checkbox for converting weather codes for dynamic symbols Priva.
3. Small user interface changes.

RDN 15-03-2021:
1. UV index value was no longer available, in this version is this issue solved.
2. It is possible to push the UV index data to the controller.
3. It is now possible to push the weather code data to the controller (on special request).
4. Various interface changes.

RDN 08-05-2019:
1. UV index value was wrong, in this version is this issue solved.

RDN 27-11-2018:
1. Total renewed data collection from Data Server.
2. Small user interface changes.
3. Bugs fixed.

RDN 01-10-2018:
1. Small bugfix.

RDN 30-09-2018:
1. Small bugfix.

RDN 22-09-2018:
1. Issue with License Code is solved in this version.
2. Small bugfixes.

RDN 15-09-2018:
1. If the PC is the locator available, automatic search GEO location (for the SX100 is this option not possible).
2. Bugs fixed.
3. Improvement of license.
4. User interface changes.

RDN 24-02-2018:
1. License Code problems solved.

RDN 25-06-2017:
1. Issue with the temperature min/max solved in this version.
2. Added UV index as a Beta project. It’s not yet possible to send the UV index to a controller.

RDN 07-04-2017:
1. API on the OpenWeather was changed and it was not possible to collecting weather data. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 22-05-2016:
1. Minor user interface changes.

RDN 11-05-2016:
1. Improved the precipitation values data collection. When there is no value available at a certain time it will display 0.0 mm.
2. Changed and improved the data collection between the hour and daily display switch.
3. Minor user interface changes.

RDN 04-05-2016:
1. It went wrong when no precipitation values were retrieved. In this version is this problem solved.
2. From this version it is possible to push precipitation data values to the controller.
3. Minor user interface changes.

RDN 26-04-2016:
1. Improved debug message description.

RDN 25-04-2016:
1. A new installation of this application appeared a framework error. In this version is this problem solved.

RDN 19-04-2016:
1. Improved data request from weather server.
2. Extra option for saving output data to log file.
3. Application crashed when latitude and longitude where not correct set.

RDN 16-04-2016:
1. Minor bug fixes from field tests.

RDN 12-04-2016:
1. Change Weather Server from Yahoo to The Yahoo Weather Server stop availability since March 2016.
2. All measurements are with two decimals instead of measurements without decimals.
3. Add dropdown boxes for selecting weather data points.
4. Major user interface changes.

RDN 18-01-2015:
1. Add weather symbols based on the weather description.
2. Minor user interface changes.

RDN 10-01-2015:
1. When there was no internet connection the application shows an exception. In this version is this issue solved.
2. Manual push to the controller was not correct if the application wasn’t registered.

RDN 20-12-2014:
1. Official release version.

RDN 14-10-2014:
1. Official release version for field tests.


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